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Learn Mandarin Masterclass
20,21,22 May (9am - 5pm)


Here's What You'll Get

✔️ How to accurately pronounce Romanised form of Chinese characters and impress those around you
✔️ Master pronouncing the 4 Chinese Pinyin Tones and speak as though you’ve been learning for years 
✔️ Numbers Mastery, how to count from1 to 9,999 in fluent Mandarin
✔️ Learn how to network, ask, and give phone numbers in fluent Mandarin
✔️ Learn the in-depth keyword spotting method to construct Mandarin sentences from English, Bahasa, and Tamil, to Mandarin
✔️ Master asking and telling dates and times so that you can confidently make appointments in Mandarin 
✔️ Fluently ask and mention prices in Mandarin so that you can better negotiate in business (or bargain when you’re shopping)
✔️ Learn how to ask and give directions in Mandarin 
✔️ Get fully immersed in a Mandarin speaking community with our friendly Chinese tutors and learn how to make appointments with them
✔️ Learn how to negotiate deals and close sales in Mandarin in a role-playing scenario 
✔️ Learn how to confidently order food and drinks in fluent Mandarin so that you can impress your colleagues when you dine out with them
✔️ Learn how to better understand and empathize with someone that speaks Mandarin
✔️ BONUS: Free 1 year open ticket to attend our classes for 1 year, so that you will not forget what you learn!